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Enjoy the Outdoors with Sliding Doors

We replace older, unstable doors with the highest quality sliding doors for truly free-flowing space.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Sliding doors are an essential component to creating a welcoming environment for homeowners with outdoor space like a patio, deck, or porch. Replacing older, wobbly sliding doors provides an inviting atmosphere for friends and family to gather together in the beautiful New Jersey outdoors.

Sliding doors provide a protective barrier for your home against the elements, and unless they are durable, it’s only a matter of time before they become more and more difficult to use and ultimately break down. You simply do not need to go another spring or summer with underperforming sliding doors. Give All County Exteriors a call, and we will swap in elegant and sturdy replacement doors.

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OKNA Sliding Doors Customization Options

OKNA Sliding Doors

All County Exteriors proudly represents OKNA sliding doors, which are custom-made to order and can be installed during remodeling or new construction projects. OKNA Elegante is durable and exceptionally effortless, and the doors are available in a wide variety of colors and designs, with multiple hardware options. OKNA Elegante sliding doors are ideal for those who value energy efficiency, condensation reduction, aesthetics, and durable, weather resistance.

With an interlocking meeting rail system and double weather-stripping, dust, water, air, and noise are filtered and controlled. OKNA Elegante sliding doors also come with an optional four point locking system. A spring-loaded push button foot bolt makes locking easy and allows for ventilation while having extra security.

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Get a Free Sliding Door Services Estimate

Don't yank a creaky door open ever again. Contact us today.

Why All County Exteriors

At All County Exteriors, we install the highest quality sliding doors. Each door has an insulated frame and, when applicable, energy efficient glass to maximize durability and minimize the amount of energy that escapes through your door. Those with glass are designed to allow natural light to brighten and enhance your home, which can mean lower energy bills.

Sliding Doors Benefits

At All County Exteriors, we install the most consistently chosen sliding doors for homeowners focused on high quality products.
The efficiency and style of our doors can fit to the style of any home.

Sliding Door Brands We Use: