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Ways to Make Your Home Exterior Eco-Friendly

By on August 27, 2018

Now that the world has become more conscious about saving the Earth, one of the most advocated methods is incorporating eco-friendly measures to the home. It is important to consider the environmental impact of those choices you are making.

Creating an eco-friendly home can start small, with just a few easy steps. Not only you can contribute in helping the planet, you’d be surprised to reap the benefits of it in the long run. If you are thinking of going green and remodeling your house to make it more eco-friendly, here are some changes you can make:

Green Outdoors

One of the first and easiest parts of the home to making it more eco-friendly is actually outside your home. From adding solar paneling to creating landscaping that works with the environment, instead of against it, there are several modifications you can make to the exterior of your home to make it more “green.”

Designers often suggest to “blur” the lines between your interior and exterior home—more than just opening your windows to let the fresh air in. There are architectural options and changes you can apply that will greatly help the cause, without ruining the concept of your house.

Moreover, you can add more eco-friendly furniture. Consider second hand patio furniture from a garage sale that you repaint and give it a new look. More and more options are already offered in the market, from recycled plastics to Forest Steward Council (FSC) certified wood .

While your outdoor home should be a comfortable and relaxing place to enjoy, using up and sacrificing the Earth’s resources should be a non-negotiable.

Use green materials when remodeling and renovating

If you are considering improving your home, you always have the option of being more eco-friendly by opting “green” materials. When adding a wood deck, adding wood accents or cabinetry, etc., consider using recycled or reclaimed wood from other buildings for your exterior deck project.  Many lumber yards have suppliers to provide a great selection of reclaimed and recycled timber for your outdoor home projects.

On the other hand, concrete, wrought iron, and even railroad ties are becoming gorgeous materials to use throughout outdoor projects.

Replace worn out fixtures with energy-efficient counterparts

Once you find your lighting fixtures worn out, take the chance to convert and use energy-efficient ones. Replace old fixtures with energy-saving varities or even solar powered fixtures.

Incandecent bulbs can be replaced with LED lights that burn cooler and give off a brighter glow of light. These are perfect for walkways, front and back entryways, as well as illuminating your garage and landscaping around your home.

Install innovative technologies

Some of the most eco-friendly options for your outdoor home have to do with systems and technology as opposed to physical embellishments. You can install motion detectors to save up on electricity, letting you enable your lighting to only come on when a person, animal, or other motion is sensed.

Consider having your home security and outdoor lighting systems connected to a “smart-home” technology. There are many examples of your electronic or e-home being able to be controlled through internet access.

Invest in energy efficient heating and cooling systems

While your heating and air conditioning units work to control the temperature for your interiors, ensuring you invest in ones that are energy efficient and don’t emit dangerous greenhouse effect gasses is important.

In the United States Energy Star certified units will help you choose systems that are better for the saving the planet and help save on your monthly utility bills. Look for a product with a higher SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio). The higher the number, the better energy efficiency it should have.




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