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Types of Roofing [INFOGRAPHIC]

By on May 7, 2018

In building a new house or retrofitting an existing one, choosing the best type of roof can make or break any construction or renovation. After all, roofs do a lot more than just serving the most basic practical purpose of protecting a house and its occupants from the outside elements.

When selecting the right roofing, homeowners should think about three categories: style, pitch, and material. All of these attributes play a major role in defining the overall look and style of a house.

Varying from area to area, many roofing styles, shapes, and designs are made available by manufacturers and contractors to homeowners. have been created to accommodate the needs of the structure they are covering. Some of the most primary needs that a structure demands from a roof are protection from the weather, overall design compatibility with the existing structure, and housing of internal elements such as piping, electrical wiring, ventilation, and insulation.

Here are some options you can choose from:

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