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Simple Steps That’ll Make Your Home Exterior More Attractive

By on December 26, 2017

The home is the representation of the self. Many people take pride in their homes because it is an extension of their image, especially its exteriors. Others make it a point to always update it because it drastically improves the chances of selling the property, if they decide to list it on the market.

Yet, others say that it would take a lot of time and effort to make the exterior of your house more appealing, updated, and overall impressive. Despite this misconception, did you know that it takes only simple steps to make your home exterior more attractive? Here are some of the examples how:

Replace or fix your roof

Replacing your roof is a big project, as well as it is a huge investment. In the US, an average homeowner can spend as much as $6,600 to install a new roof. However, it is one of the most effective ways of improving your house exterior. Moreover, this investment will be worth it in the long run if you think about the energy savings, comfort level, warranty, safety and security and curb appeal it will provide.

Change gutters and downspouts

Oftentimes, the house’s gutters and downspouts are overlooked. But, if you inspect them, chances are they’re already suffering from peeling paint, rust spots, or other problems that can convey a sense of neglect. Improving your house’s exterior should include repairing or changing these water systems with newer, updated ones. There are also a variety of options: from snap-fit vinyl gutter systems to copper systems. It all boils down to what you want and what your home needs.

Renew paint or try out new sidings

One of the most budget-friendly ways of doing a home exterior make over is transforming its look through a new paint job or installing new sidings or trim details. It will definitely be a noticeable difference since it covers the most surface of your house. Keep in mind that part of reassuring it looks good is periodic maintenance and inspection. Make sure that any obvious defects, such as cracked or rotting material is immediately changed or repaired.

Go for a grand entrance

Entrance ways and doors are oftentimes the focal point of a house. Make sure that it is eye-catching enough to be interesting, yet matching with the style of the house so that it will not be an eyesore. You can add a few columns and steps if it goes with the style of your home.

Make use of your porch

A front porch can be a big lure for people viewing your home for the first time—be it passersby, guests, or potential buyers. Make it an extension of your house by providing a sitting area on it, depending on the theme of your house. Though the construction maybe a big change that comes with a hefty price tag, the return of investment will also be great. Having a front porch is one of the bigger steps that make your house exterior more attractive because it’s visible from the front of the house, and one of the first things that people see when they arrive.

Good Landscaping

No matter how good looking your home exterior is, if it is covered by trees or by a messy garden, it automatically decreases its curb appeal. On the contrary, a well-groomed garden can instinctively get more attention. Additionally, real estate agents say that good landscaping can increase the value of your home by as much as 20%. One simple way of doing it is eliminating overgrown bushes and plants that are probably obscuring your home. Your landscaping should draw and lead people up to your front entryway, welcoming them in.

Don’t Forget Your Driveway

Driveways can do your home exteriors more favor than what you can imagine. To maximize its visual use, upgrade to tarmac, block paving or even a crazy paving effect.



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