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At All County Exteriors, we install a wide variety of siding from the nation’s top producers.

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Why Choose All County for Vinyl Siding

All County Exteriors siding is installed by our professionals who work exclusively with vinyl siding and trim all day every day. Our vinyl siding specialists are prompt and courteous, and are trained to maintain as clean a work site as possible—no “clean up” required.

Vinyl siding can increase the value of your home.

With its low maintenance requirements and long life expectancy, vinyl siding delivers high value at an affordable price. New vinyl siding, especially when properly installed by our trained professionals, can drastically increase your energy savings and the beauty of your home. Vinyl siding offers the following advantages:

COLOR AND TEXTURE OPTIONS — Our siding options are available in a diverse palette of attractive colors: base colors from rich, deep hues to light neutrals.

PEACE OF MIND THAT LASTS A LIFETIME — Our siding has the ability to weather all conditions in the unique mid-Atlantic climate.

PROTECTION YOU CAN COUNT ON — Hail, rocks, baseballs . . . no matter what is thrown at you, all our siding options for your home are designed to absorb the shock of everyday life.


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Types of Vinyl Siding

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We work with CertainTeed, the nation’s leading producer of vinyl siding, backed by a manufacturer warranty as well as All County’s Workmanship Warranty.


CertainTeed is a leading North American manufacturer of building materials specializing in high quality vinyl siding and trim. All County Exteriors is a fully certified CertainTeed siding contractor. CertainTeed vinyl siding boasts a wide variety of color and style options, as well as incomparable durability and energy efficiency.

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Vinyl Siding Benefits

Vinyl siding serves as a great alternative to wood or aluminum. With its longevity and low maintenance needs, vinyl siding provides high value with a reasonable price tag.

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*Free estimates apply to full replacement and repair work.

Soffits & Fascia

All County Exteriors is committed to helping you maintain every part of your home, including the soffits & fascia. The soffit is the exposed surface under the roof overhang and, since fairly out of sight, is often out of mind. Neglected soffits can create serious problems for your home’s ventilation and insulation, however. Your roof’s fascia, which also commonly goes unfixed, is the vertical edge connected to the ends of your roof. In addition to helping protect your roof against water damage, the fascia also smooths out the appearance of your roof’s edge.

Vinyl Siding Process

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