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Roof Repair Services in New Jersey

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Roof Repair Services in New Jersey

Roof repair and roof maintenance go hand in hand since quality maintenance limits the scope of repair jobs. Minor tasks such as sealing leaks and replacing damaged shingles will preserve the life of your roof and maintain its quality. It’s also often possible to put off the major expense of a total roof replacement by making small roofing repairs as necessary. Before investing in a new roof, New Jersey residents shouldn’t hesitate to give All County Exteriors a call. We may be able to prolong your current roof with maintenance and simple home roofing repairs.

If your roof needs to be repaired, All County Exteriors is at your service. We specialize in all things asphalt roof repair, and our roof repair specialists replace damaged, broken, or aging shingles and provide more extensive repairs necessitated by wind, rain, and snow storm damage.

Don’t hesitate to contact our local roof repair experts whenever you’re in doubt about leaking roof repairs or for any of our other services, including, roof replacement, siding, replacement windows, entry doors, and more.


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Leaking Roof Repairs

Leaky roof repair begins with roof leak detection, which is often easier if the rafters and underside of your roof deck are exposed. However, water leaks are incredibly deceptive and water stains may be some distance from the actual roof damage. A professional roofer knows the tricks water can play, so do not risk climbing onto your roof and searching for the source yourself. All County Exteriors provides fast, reliable leak detection and leaky roof repair services for Ocean and Monmouth County residents.

Common Causes of Roof Leaks

    • Missing, cracking, or damaged shingles
    • Ice damming
    • Clogged gutters
    • Damaged flashing/joints
    • Soffit & fascia damage
    • Worn or damaged pipe collars


Home Roofing Repairs

Is your home showing signs that it needs roof repair? Like people, homes can use a bit of a touch-up at times, and it doesn’t hurt to fix roofs up and bring your home back to tip-top shape. Your home roofing repairs are like medicine to your property, and All County Exteriors has the right formula for any and every roof in New Jersey! Roofing repair contractors don’t get more specialized than ours, and you won’t regret turning to us. Bring your home back to 100% with our residential roofing repair services today!

Residential Roof Repair

If you couldn’t already tell, residential roofing repair can be difficult, and so many factors play into why your roof is not operating at its full capacity. That’s why a roofing repair company like ours is so essential. Homeowners would go berserk trying to identify the problems plaguing their roofs. That’s what makes our services so important and why we’re so driven to make your residential roof damage a thing of the past.

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Roof Repair Benefits

The intricacies of roof damage and repair can be difficult to identify to the untrained eye, and hiring a professional is important to your safety. Take a look at the benefits below, and give All County a call for your free roof repair estimate.

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Don’t let your roof fall into disrepair. Contact us today!

*Free estimates apply to full replacement and repair work.

Why You Should Turn to All County Exteriors for Your Roof Repair

All County Exteriors is a full-service roofing repair company serving residents all over New Jersey. From start to finish, we have you covered. With decades of experience in roof repairs, our professionals complete projects and fix residential roofs on time and with unmatched quality. The experts of All County Exteriors take pride in each and every one of our projects.

Our employees are dedicated to your complete satisfaction and are highly skilled and trained in all roof repair areas. Our roofers keep homeowners up-to-date throughout the project, as we believe that prompt and clear communication is the key to a positive client experience. Our focus is professionalism and accuracy, and we do what we say we will do when we say we’ll do it—at a competitive price.

All County Exteriors has the experience and knowledge to guarantee quality service and an exceptional final product — no matter your roof repair needs. Give our local roof repair pros a call today for a free estimate.

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