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Roof Leak Repair Estimate

By on January 29, 2018

Having a leaky roof seems to be a problem to the majority of US residents. Most of the time, roof leaks occur because the sealing around vent pipes has failed, the metal flashing on the chimney has deteriorated or the connections between roof sections have eroded. While all of these could easily be avoided with preventive inspection and maintenance, many homeowners discover their roof has a problem once they spot water leakage. Chances are, they would only contact for repairs once they spot water stains on their ceiling, or in corners of their homes—telltale signs that the damage to the exterior of their home is already advanced.

When it’s time to have a roof leak repair job done on your home, the biggest issue in your mind behind getting this taken care of quickly is probably the cost. Roofs are expensive purchases, and gauging the damage and repairing it are not separate issues. In fact, many reports have stated that the cost of roof leak repair can range dramatically depending upon what type of roof you have, the pitch, the size and type of repair, and whether you do it yourself or hire a professional.

Pitch of Roof

Your roof’s pitch is the steepness of the angle of your roof or its slope. Some roofs have a high pitch, while others have a low pitch or no pitch at all, following a more modernist architectural type. This factor ultimately tells a lot about the difficulty for it to be changed. The more difficult it is for your roofer, the higher you shall pay.

A roof that is more steep can be harder to walk on, requiring more safety measures such as harnesses and other equipment. Since the contractors put in more effort in changing it, the price can be higher compared to those with lower slopes. Another factor is accessibility to the roof. Can a truck get that close to the house?

Extent of Water Damage

Water leakage is one of the most common, yet problematic roofing troubles for homeowners. Not only can it damage your roof to the point of needing a replacement, it can also quickly damage your home structure as a whole. More often than not, finding the leak is easy for contractors especially if it is already leaking into your home. It can also be detected through smell (odor of damaged wood) or the presence of molds.

If the damage caused by leakage is very severe, your contractor can even suggest that you replace your whole roof, especially if it is very old. This is also the suggested step for tile roof leaks because repairs usually require an entire area to be completely redone. It would be more practical to replace everything than replace roof fragments more frequently at different times. Contractors offer this option because it is more practical and safer in the long run.

Your location

The prices of the materials and the charge of contractors may vary by state or region.

Other roofing cost factors:

Water damage and molds can also add to the final costs of a roofing project. Significant water damage can also change the project from a roofing repair to a replacement.

Rate of Contractor

Contractors charge different rates according to their professional profile and established name. Those who have been around longer may have higher rates since their work has been proven and tested to be the best in the industry. However, it would be best not to base your decision on the price itself. Sometimes, newbie contractors offer introductory rates just so they can penetrate the market easier. What you can do is do your research: look for recommendations, referrals, and reviews online. Check their previous works and profiles. Interview them and ask about their experiences. Keep in mind that all of these cost factors will be useless if you choose a contractor that solves a problem for the mean time and leave you spending more in the long run.

At the end of the day, the very best way to fix a roof is to anticipate the problem before it happens. Regular inspection and maintenance are key if you want to make the most out of your roofing and not be caught off guard when it suddenly displays these common roofing problems. Consider having your roof inspected once a year to keep it in the best shape.




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