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Most Common Deck Problems

By on June 10, 2019

One of the most common exterior features of a home is a deck. In fact, it is not only an added aesthetic feature of any house, but it is also an efficient way of extending the home space and providing a place to entertain visitors. However, like any other part of the home, decks will need repair and maintenance to look their best. Here are a few common deck repairs you should know and when you should be contacting a pro to help:


Any exterior part of your home that is constantly exposed to the elements is more prone to discoloration. From cold, snowy winters to sunny summertime, it is most likely that water and sunlight will affect the color of your deck over time.

If you notice that your deck is losing its color or fading, you can easily restore your deck to get it looking great again. While this could be a DIY project for some homeowners, it does take some time from the process itself to drying time. You’ll also have to continue to refinish your deck every few years to keep the deck color consistent.

Broken Deck Boards

A broken deck board can be dangerous for anyone using the deck if the problem is left untreated. Broken deck boards are a common problem many homeowners see and experience because of deteriorating materials. This is probably caused by collected moisture added by the extra weight of people who walk around the deck. While getting this deck repair is easy, it’s not something you’ll want to delay repairing.

If you have a broken deck board, get it repaired as soon as possible. Deck board repairs are often cheaper than a full deck replacement. However, let the professionals inspect it and do the work for you. It is also ideal to have your deck inspected so you can know which ones are broken and needs replacing in one go.

Rotting Wood

Most decks are made out of wood, making them susceptible to rot. Again, this problem is probably caused by excess moisture trapped on your deck. Extreme temperature changes also affect and contribute to rotting. Additionally, debris such as leaves, twigs, and branches that are stuck in between boards can cause the wood to be broken down easily. Each of these factors breaks down the wood by allowing bacteria and fungus to break down the wood, ruining the structure of your deck.

Similar to broken boards, you’ll need to replace and repair the broken boards or supports that have been affected by rot. It’s best to contact a professional home contractor who can safely get the job done and help you to prevent any deck rot in the future.

Termite and other pests

The number one enemy of decks is termites. Given that most decks are made with wood, termites are just one of the most common problems that cause deterioration. These tiny insects make their homes by creating tiny tubes in the wood where they make their homes. As wood decks are outside of the home, this leaves them vulnerable to termites. Decks with termite damage will often feel hollow or soft when touched or stepped on, making it dangerous. Termites can also spread to the structure of your home which can cause bigger problems in the long run.

If you suspect you have a termite problem, you’ll need to call a pest control pro who can help you properly get rid of them. Professional home contractors sometimes offer pest control in their services. Others opt to completely change their wood decks to get rid of these insects.

Slippery Decking

Slippery decks mean that molds and mildew are building upon it, causing it to be slippery. The easy solution is for it to be cleaned properly. Power washing is one of the best remedies for this deck problem. You might also want to consider adding non-slip deck paint.

there’s some cleaning to be done. Mold, mildew, moisture, and moss can cause your deck to become a tricky place to walk. But, this is a problem that can be easily remedied. Regular maintenance and cleaning will also prevent your deck from getting slippery. Try to clean your deck about every six months.

Decks are a great addition to your home that has a lot of long-term value. However, if not maintained properly, your deck can not only be a hazard to your resale value but to anyone using at well. Inspect your deck regularly and if you see any of these common deck problems, get it repaired immediately by acquiring the services of a professional home contractor.



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