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Maximizing Your Roof Insurance Claim: Tips from the Pros

By on May 4, 2024

Getting a roof insurance claim approved feels like a tug-of-war between you and the insurance company. Lucky for us, there are things we can do to avoid these stressful back-and-forths.

By the end of this article, you’ll be fully equipped with the knowledge to help you maximize roof insurance claims, ensure claim approval, and confidently navigate the entire process.

How Does the Roof Insurance Process Work?

Let’s say there was a massive hailstorm in your area. Your roof got damaged. Leaks are starting to show, and you plan on getting a roof damage insurance claim.

When you file for a roof damage insurance claim, your insurance company will send out an adjuster to assess the damage. These adjusters will see your insurance covers the damage.

This is typically when the tug-of-war starts. The adjuster might dispute your claim and say your roof leaks due to poor maintenance, lack of roof cleaning, or natural wear and tear.

Have a roofer come out for a detailed inspection to avoid issues like this. They can provide a complete report of all damages that insurance would cover.

Go with a well-reputed, local roofing company. Ask for a repair estimate. If you work with decent enough companies, they can help you maximize your roof insurance claim.

9 Ways You Can Maximize Your Roof Insurance Claim

Insurance companies can offer lower reimbursements than expected. So, if you want to get your roof damage insurance claim approved and maximize the payouts, look into the following:

Document the Roof Damage Immediately

Don’t wait till the roof damage worsens. Start taking pictures, videos, and documenting roof damage as soon as you see signs of it. In some cases, getting witness statements might even be worth it.

Proper and complete documentation can be leveraged when insurance adjusters make assessments. Try to take in-depth, high-quality photos and videos with ample light. But when taking documentation, remember to put safety first.

If you can’t do the documentation yourself or have a roof that isn’t easily accessible, call a licensed, local, and trustworthy roofing company.

Get a Professional Roof Inspection Before Adjusters

Professional roof inspectors have the proper equipment and experience to document even the smallest damages, helping you maximize your insurance claims.

If your roof isn’t easily accessible, they can use drones to take photos and videos. Infrared technology can also find underlying issues that can lead to severe damage.

After the inspection, ask for an estimate of the repair costs. Remember to always ask for a written quote.

Always Ask For Written Estimates

Repair costs fluctuate depending on several factors. But before committing to anything, it’s best to have the estimate in writing. It should include the scope of work, materials, and labor costs.

Working with a trusted roofing company can also help you get the most out of your insurance. The written estimates can be used as a baseline to ensure that the insurance company isn’t leaving out any repair costs.

Avoid General Contractors

There are lots of contractors out there that can seemingly do everything. It’s best to avoid general contractors who promise to handle all your insurance processing on your behalf.

Most general contractors will outsource the work they can’t do to affordable local companies in your area. They become middlemen that inflate the actual cost of repairs or replacements.

Cut The Middlemen

One of the main reasons roof insurance claims are denied is that they ask for unnecessary repairs or replacements. This often happens when you work with contractors who act as “middlemen.”

These middlemen jack up the prices to help cover the middleman fees. You’ll be promised things that are too good to be true to squeeze as much out of your insurance claim to their benefit, not yours. The main culprits of these practices are called storm chasers.

Be Wary Of Bad Storm Chasers

Not all storm chasers have ill intentions. Some are genuinely out there to help homeowners. However, the market is saturated with companies that prey on victims of storm damage.

You have to be wary of the bad ones. Most storm chasers go door-to-door whenever an area is struck with heavy rain or hail. Some states have even made this practice illegal.

Storm chasers will do everything they can to get your insurance to agree to a claim, wherein you have to pay the deductible. They will inflate repair costs and repair for less. You’d get subpar repair quality, poor materials, and dodgy warranty policies.

Prepare for Temporary Repairs to Mitigate Damage

Processing roof damage insurance claims takes time. Until long-term repairs are started, mitigating as much damage as possible is best to prevent further issues.

For example, if there’s a large hole in your roof due to a recent storm, cover it with a tarp to prevent water penetration. Don’t attempt any significant repairs. This can lower your payout.

Have a Flexible Schedule For Adjuster Inspections

Adjusters can get extremely busy. You can’t expect them to have you as their only appointment. It’s best to keep a flexible schedule for your adjuster inspection.

Try being in their shoes. After a day’s work, they still have to spend hours completing damage summaries and insurance paperwork.

Understanding where they’re coming from can go a long way. Sometimes, allowing the adjuster to get you at their convenience might help expedite your claim.

Let The Adjuster Do Their Work

When adjusters finally come over to assess the damage, let them do their work peacefully. Don’t start breathing down their neck and watching their every move.

Don’t be disruptive and start bombarding them with questions about your insurance claim before the inspections are done. Just be decent, kind, and understanding.

Introduce yourself, offer a drink (it can get seriously hot out), and allow them to do their work entirely without distractions. You still have plenty of time to ask questions before they leave.

Tips for Roof Insurance Claims

Roof insurance claims can be a grueling process. But with the proper preparation, it doesn’t have to be. To recap, here are nine ways you can maximize your roof insurance claim and ensure that it gets approved:

  • Document roof damage and hire a professional roof inspector
  • Always ask for a written estimate
  • Avoid working with general contractors, middlemen, and storm chasers
  • Try to mitigate roof damage with temporary repairs
  • Have a flexible schedule for adjuster inspections and let them work peacefully

If you’re looking for a trusted, local roofing company to help you with inspections for your insurance claims, All County Exteriors has you covered. Request a free estimate today!

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