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Learning the Basics: What is Exterior Siding? [Infographic]

By on November 18, 2019

Often, people don’t give much thought about exterior siding – to think that it’s what keeps the house safe when the weather happens. The siding serves as the wall’s first line of defense to protect the interior components of a house. Hence, it is a major factor in prolonging a house’s lifespan and knowing how much attention to give for maintenance. Today, there is a lot of variations in choosing a siding, not just offering better technical protection, but aesthetic options as well.

First thing’s first, what is Siding?

Siding, also known as wall cladding, is the material that protects the wall of the house or a building – it is attached to the exterior side of the wall. Just like the roof, it defends the interior from elements such as the sun, rain, heat, and cold. Hence, siding creates a comfortable environment for the interior side. Furthermore, siding enhances the house’s overall beauty.

Here are four common types of siding.

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