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Is Your Roof Leaking? Here’s What You Should Do Right Now

By on June 15, 2022

There’s never a great time for your roof to leak, and every homeowner fears the dripping sound of a leaky roof. The worst thing you can do is freeze up or spend too much time arguing about the issue with yourself or your family members. Time is of the essence when dealing with damage to your home, which rings especially true for a roof that leaks. You might not even want to think about the possibility, but here’s what you should do if your roof is leaking.

Act Fast

Acting fast can be the difference between hundreds and thousands of dollars in damage and ensure you get the fastest service possible. Once you notice the leak, the most important thing you can do is gameplan for how to combat the issue.

Can you see the leak? How big is it, and how much water has entered your home? Can you survive for a few days, or will you need an emergency roof repair service? These are just a few questions to answer, which will help dictate the next actions you take to remedy the situation.

Dangers of Waiting Too Long

Leaking roofs don’t repair themselves, and waiting can put you at risk of major water damage and other more serious problems. A good thing to remember is that most of the time you notice damage to your home, it’s already too late. Applying this to your leaking roof will ensure that you are proactive in addressing the leak and reaching out to a professional roofing company.

What to Look For

When your roof starts leaking, there are a few signs to look for that help you determine the severity of your issue. Pay attention to the ceiling to note if you see any dark spots, water stains, or sagging. These issues indicate that the leak has penetrated your roof and is a serious problem. Warping, clogged gutters, or missing shingles are exterior signs of a leak that must be addressed immediately.

Contain the Leak

Don’t let the leak get too far before you contain it. A small hole in your roof might only need a bucket to catch the water that leaks from under it. A bigger leak might require upgrading to a larger bucket to collect the water. If your roof is sagging and you notice a water bubble, you’re probably better off popping the bubble. Just be sure that your important furniture and other items in the area are covered completely.

Remove Water

Once the leak is contained, minimize damage in the area by quickly removing any standing water and drying out any wet carpets or furniture. The last thing you want is mold and mildew growing in your home, especially if the water has time to stain and soak in. If you can’t remove all the water, clear the area of important items to avoid damage. Either way, your main goal should be to prevent your home from the effects of water damage.

Consider a Tarp on Your Roof

Try finding the source of the leak, and if you can reach your roof, consider a tarp to cover the area. It won’t be perfect, but a tarp can make a significant difference in the amount of water that comes into your home, and any water you can stop is a big deal. This works especially well if you can’t contact a roofing contractor any time soon or if heavy rains will affect your location in the near future.

Take Photos to Document the Damage

Call your insurance company to file an incident report and any property damages. Take photos as soon as possible of the incident site without disturbing the items as much as you can. Filing a home insurance claim and providing this evidence could potentially cover your home’s damages and get back some of the items you lost.

Get Your Roof Fixed By a Professional

If you’ve followed the above steps, the next thing to do is get a professional and high-quality roofing company out to address your roof’s problems. All County Exteriors provides residents around Lakewood, NJ, with effective roof inspections to help identify all issues — including the cause of roof leaks. Reach out to us today if your roof leaks to take advantage of our comprehensive roof repair service or get a new roof for your home.

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