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Improve Your Home Exterior To Feel More Warm This Winter

By on December 10, 2018

Contrary to common belief, you don’t need hundreds of dollars to keep your homes warm and comfortable this winter. While it is normal that utility bills rise up during the cold season, did you know that heating your home accounts for over 70% of your monthly energy consumption?

However, blasting your heaters is not the only way you can make your home cozy and comfortable despite the freezing temperatures. Experts say that the key to understanding how to keep your house warm is to know how to do it strategically so that you don’t have to spend a lot.

Here are some tips you can do to make sure you’re all warmed up this winter season:

Repair your roof

Did you know that on average, about 25 per cent of heat loss is through the roof? Imagine spending too much money on heaters and radiators when a quarter of it goes out through the roof? It’s such a waste of money and resources, leaving you cold and empty handed during sub-zero temperatures.

Have professional inspectors check it out and repaired. If there are no issues, why not have them insulated while they are at it? Just make sure to contact professionals so that you’re sure they will do a good job protecting you from heat.

Insulate your walls

When speaking in terms of numbers, 35% of heat from your home escape through the walls. Maybe there are cracks on your walls that can be the culprit of heat loss during the winter. Fortunately, these cracks are usually easy to find. Simply feel around for any changes in the air temperature or movement. Eventually, you’ll find a crack or hole that needs plugging or repair. While some cases can be DIY fixes, it is much better to have your structure inspected by professionals just to make sure the damage is not that bad.

Upgrade your sidings

If your home has a thicker and more durable siding during the cold season, it is much more possible that you will be comfortable enough indoors. Experts say that upgrading your siding will not only be beneficial during the winter but throughout the years because of its long list of advantages. After all, preparing your home for winter may be a great excuse finally to upgrade that old, deteriorating siding of yours.

Replace door and window screens

While some door and window screens let the pleasant breeze during Spring and Summer, that would be a bad idea when winter comes. Of course they won’t do much to insulate your home and save energy during the colder months. Why not consider replacing these screens with solid glass panes in late fall, just before the winter weather arrives? This way, the light that comes in your home will not be compromised, but cold air cant enter your home anymore.

Consider a window upgrade

The winter time is the perfect timing to bid goodbye to old, single pane windows you have in your home. The ideal upgrade is going for energy-efficient double (or even triple) pane windows. But if it is out of budget, you can improve your existing windows’ insulating capacity by reglazing them or even covering them with plastic sheets.

Preparing your home for the winter can be expensive, but all these upgrades will be worth it for the comfort and safety of your family. After all, paying hundreds of dollars for insulation that eventually goes out of your house is more heavy on the pockets in the long run.

Moreover, you don’t have to do all of these upgrades, or all of them at once, but make sure you dedicate time and resources to have at least one home exterior improvement. It is guaranteed, it can have a substantial effect on your utility costs and your home value.




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