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Home Remodeling Trends

By on May 14, 2018

Redecorating and remodeling your home is one of the easiest ways to constantly upgrade it and increase its resale value. When doing so, it is always helpful to see and have an ideal on what is popular and what is trending in the construction and decorating scene. More than improving the appearance of your home, many innovations are also being incorporated in remodeling projects which allow more convenience and comfort for its residents.

Here are some of this year’s home remodeling trends you can consider for your own remodeling projects:

Open floor plans

This trend has been emerging for years now, and experts say it’s not going to die down soon. Open concept floor plans have so many advantages and more and more homeowners are recognizing them. Open floor plans do not only do they make your space look larger, they also make the cooking, dining, and gathering spots more informal, flexible and cozy. In addition, open floor plans allow more light into the home, so it brightens the area up and makes it look more breathable and spacious.

More than its architectural and design advantages, many families are also in to the idea of open floor plans since family members can check up on each other from any are of the home, especially young kids.

Bigger Windows

Consistent with the rationale behind open floor plans, one of the most common remodeling trends today is the installation of bigger windows to allow as much natural light to come into the house.

Given this, the space will look bigger, without even expanding the floor size. At the same time, it is also one good way of incorporating nature into the house, which is also another emerging remodeling trend. More than the aesthetic benefits, larger windows also allow more savings for the homeowners, given the lesser utility expenses.

Master Bedroom Suites

Nowadays, rooms just aren’t enough for the masters of the house. Master bedroom suite has really become a true sanctuary, especially among luxury home buyers and homeowners. Suites are defined and characterized by those connecting walk-in closets with customized closets/changing areas, a larger main room, and often an extra room which is sometimes used as an office, exercise room, or temporary nursery area.

Added to that is an elaborate bathroom with all the fixtures imaginable like larger and multiple shower heads, seating areas, glass enclosures, and vanities.

Smart Homes

Since technology’s main goal is to make lives better, more convenient, and more comfortable, one of the most popular trends today in home remodels is integrating ‘smart technology’ and home improvements. Smart or energy-efficient windows started the trend. Today, there are more and more appliances such as refrigerators that will alert you when grocery items are running low, or coffee makers can be programmed to have your coffee brewed and ready for when you wake up. Remodeling also allows homeowners to install lighting and heating systems can be programmed with to adjust based on time of day and they can be adjusted from smart phones and tablets

Universal Designs

Surveys find out that more homeowners are living with extended family members, and one home design trend in 2018 is having accommodations for multiple generations. Universal design means widening hallways and doorways, so that walkers, wheelchairs can easily pass through them, seating areas within showers, consistent flooring levels across surfaces and rooms. Pocket doors are also a feature especially for those who choose to age in place, as they take up less room than a swinging door and may be easier for some to operate

White Floors

Homeowners are after the clean and simple trend. The easiest way to achieve that is by installing white floors—not only in bathrooms, but also in the kitchen, bedrooms, and living spaces. More than the purposes of brightening the space up, it also makes almost every color scheme work and tie up nicely. It also translates to more consistency of flooring surface and paint colors throughout the home.




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