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Home Improvement Projects You Should Leave to the Pros [Infographic]

By on October 15, 2018

Admit it: DIY home projects seem tempting and exciting enough for you to try, especially when TV personalities, online gurus, and writers on magazines make it look easy, simple, and enjoyable at the same time. When everything is accessible with only a few clicks, an hour-long video, or an entertaining flipper-upper show, you may think: why not tackle repair projects on your own and save the cash you’d use to hire a contractor?

But, fair warning, there are home improvement projects you should leave to the pros. There are some jobs that a homeowner simply shouldn’t try taking on. Whether they are too difficult, too technical, or just too unsafe, some jobs are best left to the professionals. Experts say that the most common mistake new homeowners make is that try to do home improvements when they should really consult with someone. Sometimes it’s smarter to hire a contractor right off the bat.

So how do you know whether to call the pro or DIY?

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