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Home Exterior Preparations for Spring

By on February 11, 2019

Many people are already anticipating the end of winter the same way as homeowners are looking forward to preparing their homes for spring. The coming season is an excellent time to give your home’s exterior a once-over in preparation for summer, or for the spring market, when experts say a good time to list a house for sale.

Here are some tips on how you can give your home exterior a spring cleaning make over this year:

Inspect damages and changes

Take time to canvass the damages winter has brought to your home: chipping paint, damaged siding, roof leaks, and even foundation cracks can all lead to long-term damage. Moreover, you should check under your deck, porch or other exterior structure and clear out debris and junk that’s built up over the past couple of months.

Clean windows and Freshen up Window Treatments

Windows often take the brunt of winter weather, keeping out cold winds and catching winter dust, dirt, and even salt from the roads. One of the quickest ways of giving your home a retouch in preparation for spring is by cleaning your windows and giving your window treatments an upgrade. Many consider this as the first step in spring cleaning should be to wash the inside and outside of your windows.

Changing your window treatments is an effortless way to bring spring pep into your home. Keep it simple by just washing or dry cleaning your current draperies, or take it one step further by updating heavy draperies with light and airy sheers.

If your windows are damaged during the cold months, repair or replace them before spring. Replace damaged and warped screens so that you can enjoy warm spring breezes without being bothered by bugs and other critters.

Clear Your Gutters’ Downspouts

Dirty gutters are an eyesore and a liability not only for you but for potential buyers, as well. At the same time, it can lead to more severe damage for your home and your exterior in general. Cleaning your gutters will take roughly 15-30 minutes, but will save you money in the long run. You can avoid flooding during spring rains by clearing gutters of all rubbish by using a ladder, a small hand rake, and a hose.

A clean gutter and clear out downspouts can be one of the deciding factors for potential buyers in checking out a home, or buying it since they can gain an added sense of confidence that you’ve taken care of the rest of your home, too. If your gutters have been battered bad during the winter, maybe its time to replace them with durable and seamless material will prevent leaks and won’t need replacing as often as sectional gutters.

Repair Roof Damage

Nothing is a bigger turn off for house hunters than a roof that needs some serious work. Keep up with small roof repairs so that you can avoid an expensive overhaul down the line. After a long winter, the first thing you should do is examine your roof and assess any damage, and while you’re up there, clear away any branches, leaves, moss, and other rubbish.

If you find an excessive amount of moss, mold, or other growth, you’ll want to treat your roof with chlorine bleach or copper sulfate. Replace any missing shingles and don’t hesitate to contact a roofer for a second opinion if need be.

Some repairs could be too expansive for you to DIY so don’t hesitate to call your chosen roof contractor to do a complete check up on it and perform necessary actions for your safety and of course, added resale value.



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