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Among the essential parts of the house is the roof, which serves as one of the first lines of defense of any building or home against the harsh elements of nature such as snow, winds, cold, scorching heat, and heavy rain. Without the roof, a house is totally exposed to all kinds of weatherly havoc, which can endanger both the inhabitants and the investments within the home. Yet despite this obvious importance, the rooftop can be one of the most damaged parts of any home, mainly due to poor maintenance.

A strong reason as to why the roof can incur some of the worst states of disrepair is its blatant inaccessibility. To have a proper view of the entirety of the roof, one must essentially climb the height of the house. Depending on the material used, a roof can be a dangerous surface to walk on, and there usually isn’t any surface around it that would give the inspecting owner a safe perimeter. That’s why it usually is kept at a low priority when it comes to general home inspections, especially if there are no obvious leaks, holes, or areas peeling off.

Through this negligence, the small and undetected damages on the roof can become much worse, and once it escalates, it becomes an even more troublesome problem to deal with. That’s why hiring a roofing professional to make a thorough and educated inspection of the roof is necessary, as they are the ones with the best knowledge on how to deal with these unforeseen problems. They will help make sure that your roof is well-maintained, so it can properly do its job of protecting your home and safety.


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  • Median Resident Age:  17.9 years old
  • Zip Code: 08701
  • County: Ocean County
  • Estimated Median Household Income: $40,966
  • Unemployment: 2.9%
  • Land Area: 24.982 square miles
  • Population Density: 7,724 people per square mile
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