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When conducting a house inspection before general repairs or maintenance can be made, you as the homeowner may be thoroughly studying the conditions of your house, but you are most likely not doing the same with your roof. This is not entirely a homeowner’s fault — the roof is understandably a dangerous place to be walking so casually on, and not to mention that a roof hardly shows signs of damages until decades later when everything else has already deteriorated and been replaced. But this kind of thinking is what makes roof damages so severe.

Because it is one of the primary parts of a house that receives the brunt of the numerous forces of nature — rains, snow, strong winds, and the blistering rays of the sun — the roof can sustain some heavy damages over time that can escape your attention. They can start out as small concerns, like a few curling shingles here and there, or small holes in the thinnest and most vulnerable parts of your roof. Left alone for long, however, and they can worsen into much more troubling problems that can take a while to repair and can take out a chunk of your budget in the process.

To prevent this scenario from happening, it’s wise to hire a professional roofing contractor so they can conduct a full and detailed inspection of your roof’s condition. Their diagnosis can reveal some surprising problems that you otherwise would’ve missed entirely or were not aware that were signs in the first place. Roofing contractors are well-equipped with the necessary expertise and equipment needed to spot the symptoms of a damaged roof and prescribe the appropriate remedies to make sure your roof is preserved for the whole of its lifespan.


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I would definitely recommend All County Exteriors. Right from the initial seminar all the way through to the end of the project, I was very pleased.

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I liked the professionalism of the organization from the time I made the initial call until they came to do the work and completed the project. The job was done much better than I expected, and cleanup was excellent.

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