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For most homeowners, routine home inspections are a normal thing. But often times, the roof gets passed over or forgotten during this task. Its inconvenient height and the danger of walking on the roof can be a deterrent for most to just skip its maintenance entirely unless there are obvious damages already. However, it’s still important that a roof is checked at least twice a year to make sure there are no any damages developing that can be harmful when left alone for long.

A sturdy, well-maintained roof can do its job of protecting the house and its inhabitants for years and not show signs of failure, but even the most outstanding defense can get worn down as time goes on.

When it comes to making sure that your roof is always in tiptop shape, it’s crucial that you hire a professional roofing contractor. While you can certainly make minor repairs on your roof, there are still hidden problems and complicated damages that need expert handling. By letting a roofing professional take care of inspections and repairs, you can rest easy that problems are being tackled at the root.

Bradley Beach

We proudly serve Bradley Beach, for all your roofing needs, from new roofs, to repair, to gutter systems.

  • Population: 4,272
  • Median Resident Age: 39.6 years old
  • Zip Code: 07720
  • County: Monmouth County
  • Estimated Median Household Income: $59,643
  • Unemployment: 5%
  • Land Area: 0.612 square miles
  • Population Density: 6,981 people per square mile
  • Data Source:

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All County Exteriors beat the others in all categories. The clean up, quality of work and the fact that the job was finished quickly were all great. The price was right, especially with the senior discount.

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I would definitely recommend All County Exteriors. Right from the initial seminar all the way through to the end of the project, I was very pleased.

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I liked the professionalism of the organization from the time I made the initial call until they came to do the work and completed the project. The job was done much better than I expected, and cleanup was excellent.

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