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By On November 18, 2019

Learning the Basics: What is Exterior Siding? [Infographic]

Often, people don’t give much thought about exterior siding – to think that it’s what keeps the house safe when the weather happens. The siding serves as the wall’s first line of defense to protect the interior components of a house. Hence, it is a major factor in prolonging a house’s lifespan and knowing how …

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By On November 4, 2019

Tile Roofs vs. Shingle Roofs: What are the Differences? [Infographic]

For homeowners who are planning to change their roof, you might have already heard of tile and shingle roofs. Generally, shingle comes to mind when people think of a roof. However, traditional asphalts are not the only options – many homeowners go for tiles instead. Tile roofing complements many architectural styles and provides a few …

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By On October 21, 2019

5 Roof Maintenance Tips You Need to Know [Infographic]

The roof is an investment – it protects us and our home from bad weather, pests, animals, and falling debris. However, it’s the last part of the house that we give our attention to when there’s a need for maintenance. If the roof is properly maintained, it can last up to 25 years – sometimes …

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By On October 7, 2019

A Sustainable Solution: What Rooftops Can You Use for Solar Panels? [Infographic]

In the past few years, the mounting of solar panels on the roofs of houses has rapidly proliferated. Between 2008 and 2014, the use of solar power grew an average of at least 50 percent in residences, commerce, and institutions annually – proving the high visibility of turn toward clean, reliable, and affordable electricity in …

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