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By On January 7, 2019

Basic Home Fixes Every Homeowner Should Know [Infographic]

One of the job descriptions of being a homeowner is knowing how to do the basic house repairs. Contrary to what they show in the movies, some are not that hard and definitely, you don’t have to call to your handy man or house contractor every time something goes wrong in your house. Here are …

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By On December 17, 2018

Most Common Roofing Problems During Winter [Infographic]

Being one of the first line of defense of your house, your roof literally shelters you and your family from harsh weather conditions. However, did you know that the winter weather is especially hard on your roof? The snow and ice and the freezing and thawing can create several problems that may lead to costly …

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By On December 3, 2018

Exterior Home Style Trends for 2019 [Infographic]

As the year is coming to a close, many homeowners are taking the opportunity to remodel their home exterior as a way of welcoming 2019. Some homeowners already have a clear vision of what changes they want to adapt and implement on their houses—new paints, a bigger garage, or an overhaul of their interior motif. …

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By On November 19, 2018

Preparing Your Vinyl Siding During the Winter [Infographic]

The main purpose of your house is to protect you from the natural elements and weather conditions, as well as give you and your family a comfortable and safe place to live in and dwell. While winter can be one of the most overwhelming time for maintaining and preparing a home, it should also be …

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