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By On February 21, 2019

Winter Damages On Home Exterior

Winter can be a detrimental season for the outside of your house. As the cold season ends, it is time for homeowners to inspect and evaluate how much the past-sub zero temperature took a toll on their home’s exteriors. Ice Dams on Roof and Gutters While it may help in making your home a winter …

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By On February 18, 2019

5 Exterior Home Maintenance Tasks To Do After Winter [Infographic]

There’s no better way of celebrating the end of winter by having a home inspection and check up on which parts of your home exterior needs some repair or maintenance after the past weather conditions. Kick off your spring cleaning by doing these home exterior maintenance tasks to do after winter:

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By On February 11, 2019

Home Exterior Preparations for Spring

Many people are already anticipating the end of winter the same way as homeowners are looking forward to preparing their homes for spring. The coming season is an excellent time to give your home’s exterior a once-over in preparation for summer, or for the spring market, when experts say a good time to list a …

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By On February 4, 2019

Hacks for Repainting Your Home Exterior [Infographic]

If you are needing a simple yet noticeable makeover for your home exterior, painting it a new color is the key. Moreover, a good exterior painting job will extend the life of your siding and trim and increase the value of your house. Painting your home exterior takes a lot of planning, consideration, and hard …

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