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By On August 19, 2019

Top Things You Need to Know in Painting Your Home Exteriors [Infographic]

If you are needing a simple yet noticeable makeover for your home exterior, painting it a new color is the key. Moreover, a good exterior painting job will extend the life of your siding and trim and increase the value of your house. Here are some tips on how to make this paint job a …

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By On August 12, 2019

How the Heat Deteriorates Your Home Exteriors?

Many people regard summertime as one of the best seasons for a break—be it from school or from work. Some also regard this as a relief from a long, cold winter. But the summer weather can bring its own set of issues. Similar to how the extreme heat can cause damage to your skin, the …

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By On July 22, 2019

Emergency Roof Repairs

Repairing roof leaks can be very simple or very extensive. From finding the cause of the leak or damage to actually repairing it takes a lot of time, effort, and resources which many homeowners can’t afford in a snap. However, it is important that homeowners act on it as fast as they can since even …

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By On July 15, 2019

Why a Metal Roof Is a Great Choice for Your Home [Infographic]

As the technology advances, many roofing options and alternatives are being developed and offered in the market today from which homeowners can choose from. While the wide variety of roofing options maybe overwhelming for some, knowing the key benefits one can get from an option could make or break their decision in choosing which one …

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