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By On June 17, 2019

Ways to Make Your Home Windows Last Longer [Infographic]

Your home’s windows are one of its most important components, yet can be the most neglected parts as well. Since windows are generally not high maintenance, most homeowners think that they don’t need proper care and maintenance after installment. Did you know that high quality windows can easily last for 25 years? That is if …

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By On June 10, 2019

Most Common Deck Problems

One of the most common exterior features of a home is a deck. In fact, it is not only an added aesthetic feature of any house, but it is also an efficient way of extending the home space and providing a place to entertain visitors. However, like any other part of the home, decks will …

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By On June 3, 2019

Ways to Make Your Roof Last Longer [Infographic]

Regardless of how you maintain your roof, it is destined to be replaced after a while. Different factors such as the age of your roof, its composition and your geographic all play a role in determining the longevity of your roof. However, new or used, roofs often go through wear and tear as a result …

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By On May 27, 2019

Why Roofs Bring Maximum Home Value

Roofs can be one of the most expensive parts of the house—expensive to have it installed, and expensive to have replaced or repaired. But, did you know that this also means it maximizes your home value when the time comes you wanted to sell it? According to the annual Remodeling Magazine’s Cost Versus Value Report, …

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