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By On August 30, 2023

Roof Cooling in Modern Construction: Techniques and Benefits

It used to be known as global warming. Now it’s called global boiling. World temperatures are soaring uncontrollably, and it’s our cities that are facing the brunt of it. Built with concrete and asphalt, “urban heat islands,” as they’re known, can face sustained temperatures never faced before. This leads to substantially increased costs for residents …

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By On August 1, 2023

Increase Property Value With These 7 High-ROI Renovations

Looking to flip a house, rent it out, or plan a house addition? There’s a lot you can do to increase your property’s value. Factors such as location, accessibility, and security, determine a property’s overall value. But well-thought-out renovations can significantly increase its price tag. What Renovations Increase Property Value? The right renovations improve a …

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