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A Guide to How Much Replacement Windows Cost?

By on February 28, 2024

Windows are an integral part of your home. They provide you with natural light. They improve the ambiance and aesthetic both internally and externally. Plus, they can dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your property. When selected properly and installed well, a great set of windows can improve the property value too.

Thousands of homeowners ask themselves, “How much do replacement windows cost?” every year. With so many providers, it’s helpful to have some average figures to work with. It’s not just the contractor that you choose that influences the cost. There are considerably more factors to consider, too.

In this article, we’ll share those factors with you. We’ll also share the reasons why replacing your windows might be a good idea. Plus, you’ll learn the all-important costs associated with replacement windows.

Why Replace Your Windows?

Many homeowners reach the conclusion that they need to replace their windows. Why they reach that conclusion varies. These are some typical reasons to replace your windows:

Energy Efficiency: There’s a reason why window companies get busier from Fall onwards. People notice their bills rising and physically feel the cold entering their homes. Newer windows are considerably more thermally efficient than their older counterparts. These windows minimize heat loss throughout winter and reduce gain throughout the summer. That means less heating and air conditioning use and, therefore, less energy spend.

Home Comfort: New windows stop drafts and improve insulation. That creates a better ambient temperature throughout the home and increases comfort. They also reduce noise coming from the outside of the property.

Increased Property Value: New windows won’t drastically improve the value of your home. They’re often seen as a standard feature. They can, however, improve the curb appeal of your home to the extent that your property value increases.

Aesthetics: Sometimes homeowners simply want a new look. Windows can deliver that, especially if you invest in the new color options available on the market. Styles and colors can complement your home and offer a fresh aesthetic.

Sometimes, homeowners get to a point where irritation gets the better of them. They may experience drafts. Energy bills might be rising. The windows themselves might become difficult to operate or simply look outdated or broken.

What Influences Replacement Windows Cost?

The first thing to understand is that there is no overall average cost. Homes are all different, as are their window requirements. You can, however, get a better idea of replacement windows cost by considering these factors.

Replacement Window Type and Style

There are many different types and styles of windows. Simple, single-pane windows created in a double-hung style are common and, therefore, an affordable option. Casement windows are more expensive thanks to the specialist crank system that they employ. Picture windows and larger bay windows normally require custom fitting and designs. This makes them some of the most expensive.

Size and Customization

Unsurprisingly, larger windows are more expensive. They require more materials, and significantly larger windows will involve additional installation costs. If you consider adding customizations such as built-in shades, color, beading, or tinting, then the cost will also increase.

Energy Efficiency

Higher-rated windows normally cost more. They have additional features such as triple glazing, gas injection, and additional cavities. Each increases material costs and sometimes increases the cost of labor, too.

Average Replacement Windows Cost

Below, we’ve presented the average costs of window replacement through two tables. The first shows the average costs by window material. The next by window type. These two factors are among the most influential. Seeing as labor costs vary so much across the country, we have opted to avoid offering an average on that.

Average Replacement Windows Cost by Window Material

Material Average Cost Range (per window)
Vinyl / uPVC $375 to $850
Aluminum $400 to $850
Fiberglass $300 to $700
Wood $875 to $1,850
Composite (Wood and Aluminum/Vinyl) $950 to $1,800

Average Replacement Windows Cost by Window Type

Window Type Average Cost Range (per window)
Arched $270–$1,675
Awning $400–$1,100
Bay and Bow $900–$6,750
Casement $300–$1,850
Custom $400–$1,125
Double-Hung $150–$950
Egress $275–$675
Glass Block $50–$685
Picture $240–$1,750
Single-Hung $100–$1,800
Skylight $135–$1,625
Sliding Doors $300–$1,550
Storm $65–$450
Transom $325–$700

Alongside these core factors, remember to consider the others listed above. Installation costs will vary from area to area and depend on the competition between contractors.

Window Replacement Pricing

We’ve talked a lot about price in this article, but it’s important to state that this shouldn’t be your defining factor. Budgets are certainly important and tighter now more than ever. Yet, there has to be a balance between affordability and quality. Pick some new replacement windows that present themselves as a wise investment.

  • Replacing your windows is a large investment, but you stand to make considerable savings in the long term.
  • Customizations allow you to put your mark on the property. However, they do come at an additional cost.
  • Make sure that you obtain multiple quotes from different contractors. This allows you to get a good understanding of the variety of prices on offer.

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