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4 Benefits of Professional Entry Door Replacement

By on December 23, 2019

When the front door “enters” the discussion, most homeowners probably don’t give much attention as long as it usually works – opens, closes, and lock. Most of the time, people disregard this thought – they don’t realize that while their old door still functions, it may be the right time to replace it with a professional entry door.

It may seem a minimal upgrade to many; however, installing a new door can make a significant impact on your home. Here are the benefits of a professional entry door replacement.

Curb Appeal

There are many creative ways to enhance a home’s exterior; however, regarding elevating the curb appeal, a professional entry door replacement is one of the quickest routes.

The front door contributes to creating the first impression; it is where you welcome visitors – the focal point of a home’s exterior. Functionality is a top priority; regardless, the attractiveness of the front door is as important – it compliments your home’s architecture. A shabby door lacks a welcoming vibe and pride in one’s home.

Energy Efficiency

While energy is good for the earth, it is better for your checking account! A new door is energy-efficient – there’s no need to rely much on the heating and cooling system; it helps the cold air out and warm air in, and the other way around during the summer. Hence, you will witness cost savings on your utility bill; you might even save hundreds by the end of the year.

Enhanced Security

Nowadays, updated exterior doors have more security features than the older models; brought by the new technology. Quality fiberglass and steel styles are stronger; not to mention, they have locking capabilities that exceed older wood doors – they are designed to resist forced entry.

Generally, a modern door is either molded from one piece on each side of the door or fused by using contemporary methods, such as industrial lasers or updated adhesives. Thus, creating a stronger door – upgrading the door equates to improving home security.

Advanced Durability

Other than enhanced security, steel and fiberglass provide more durability with less maintenance. Unlike older wood models, they resist warping, chipping, and peeling due to their reinforced cores.

Furthermore, one might argue that high-quality word doors can have the same lifespan as steel and fiberglass; however, they require more maintenance, such as painting and staining. Of course, the real wood offers a more beautiful door. Nevertheless, a new generation of homeowners prefer doors that require less maintenance. Besides, other fiberglass doors come with faux wood grain finishes that are very realistic.

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